Conducting a safety education for residents of Changri

Conducting a safety education for residents of Changri

The apartment children’s playground is a dream and a future. The playground is always vigorous. It is not like old days because of fine dust, but as the day gets warmer, more and more children are coming out of the playground.

The children’s playground is a place where children can play around. So it is a place to be safer than any other place. Are they managed safely?

Facilities and equipment are old, not new ones. Sometimes I see a neglected children’s playground. There are places that just keep it to a minimum. Among the slides that have to withstand the weight are very rusty and the places where the screws are missing are the king. 

Some apartments have iron railings next to the playground. It rusts and protrudes from point to point. Inside the playground there are adults’ bottles that are broken, cigarette butts, and vomiting dirt. There are also a few places where children are worried about the safety of their sand.

Experts are concerned about safety accidents at these playgrounds. In children’s play facilities, accidents happen a lot each year. In fact, children are unpredictable.Children have to be extra careful because they are unable to control and cope with their body and can lead to accidents when an accident occurs. You can hit your head on a slide or on a swing, or you may break your ankle while jumping in a high place.

Children’s play facilities are indoor or outdoor playgrounds equipped with children’s play facilities, as defined by the Presidential Decree, in accordance with the “Children’s Playground Facilities Safety Management Act”, which contains basic matters concerning the installation, maintenance and repair of children’s play facilities.

The ‘management body‘ is defined as the owner of the children’s play facility, the person who has the management responsibility, the person who is defined as the manager of the children’s play facility by other laws or the other person who has the management responsibility of the child play facility by contract.

Safety accidents insurance’ is an obligation. It is mandatory to insure the playground in case children are injured. However, many places are not insured, so attention is required.

Experts point out in terms of facilities, management, and use of apartment children’s playground safety accidents. It is also said that it is difficult for managers to have expertise in playgrounds. Children ‘s playground management is a burden for those who have a lot of work. Nevertheless, we should look again and look can visit this site for more knowledge 먹튀사이트.

In addition, you should look around the playground as well as the surrounding area.There are safety regulations for children’s playgrounds, but there is no management regulation around them. Inspection and management in the amusement facility safety management law is confined to the playground, and the surroundings are not subject to management. However, management should pay close attention to the surroundings.