A larger percentage of people who regularly play bingo have won a jackpot in the game. Some are of the opinion that they got lucky because of their consistency. In the real sense of it, you can increase your chances by employing some strategies. These strategies to be employed must not include trying to cheat.

As we have always been told, “honesty is the best policy”. Trying to cut corners can also land a player in serious trouble. Cheating in an online bingo game is almost impossible – The only way to undermine the system is for a player to be cohorts with the caller who is taxed with verifying a jackpot.

Best strategies to employ in bingo

Just like most things in life, a player must also prepare before embarking on the journey to the land of bingo.

  •         Be prepared for the game: Playing a game of bingo requires you to be mentally and physically fit for the task ahead. A player should get a good night’s sleep in order to stay alert. Eating should also be done before the game as breaks are short. Your level of preparedness will help you resist mental laziness when the game drags on for long.
  •         Prepare a budget: When a player is about to play the game making a budget will help him monitor your finances. A player would want to avoid a situation where his cash is expended early in the game. Dividing the money accordingly will help structure a player’s spending. Even in a situation where a player is losing and wants to add extra cash his structured spending will be a helpful guide.
  •         Practice: “Practice” they say “makes perfect” practicing before the game of bingo helps you prepare ahead. You can practice by playing the free online games that are numerous on the internet. By doing this you are already familiar with the bingo atmosphere when entering into the real game, you mentally adjust immediately.
  •         Probability theories: To increase your winning chances in the game of bingo, you could try considering some probability theories. The theories help you calculate your chances of a possible win in a game.

Granville theory: This theory states that if you disturb numbers evenly you increase your odds of a possible win. Also the range of numbers ending in 0 through 9. Even and odd numbers as well as high and low numbers.

Tippett Theory: This states that if a game lasts for a long time, the chances of the numbers moving toward the median number of 45 becomes higher. If the game is short the numbers will be close to the edges (1 and 99).

·         Games with a fewer number of people: playing games with a fewer number of people  involved can increase your chances. Though a small number of players might increase your chances of winning, it also means that the prize will be lower.  Some bingo prize pots are based on the number of cards purchased.

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