Are Slots Played more or less in 2021?

It is often said that slots are the most popular casino game. Players around the world love it because they are easy to play and there are so many different slot titles available that everyone can find something they enjoy.

Moreover, Thor Slots give players the chance to win huge jackpots that have the power to change their lives forever. Slot games gained a lot of popularity after the casinos moved online. Now accessing slots is easier than ever. There is no doubt that slots are played more and more every year. It’s no different in 2021, and below you can find out why.

What makes slots so popular?

There are several things that make slots extremely popular. Here you can find out what the main ones are.

  1. Instant gaming – when you play poker or baccarat you have to know some strategies if you want to win. When it comes to slots, all you have to do is press spin, watch the reels spin, and wait to see if you’ve won. There is no need to memorise the rules or study strategies. Everyone can start playing instantly, even complete beginners.
  2. Variety of games – there are thousands of slot games available online. Game developers release new titles almost every day, and they constantly work innovative features that will make slot games more entertaining. It is impossible to be bored when playing slots. You could play a different game every day and never run out of new positions to try out.
  3. Quick cash outs – if you land a winning combination online the amount you’ve won will be added to your account soon after you finish the game. Then you will be able to transfer it to your bank account and withdraw it.
  4. Online slot contests – if you play slot games online you can join tournaments that allow you to compete against other players. That adds a bit of social interaction to the game.

What are video slots?

When slot games were first introduced at land-based casinos they had 3 reels with very simplistic symbols. Thanks to the development in technology, slot games offer great quality graphics and visual effects. Each title has a different theme that can relate to anything you can think of. The graphics are particularly advanced in video slots. This type of slot games often features amazing animations that make the game more captivating. Nowadays, you can easily find video slots in online casinos. You should always pick them over older types of slot to get the best gaming experience.


Each year more and more players discover the world of online gambling and start playing slots. People tend to spend all days on their computers or smartphones and playing slots allows them to quickly entertain themselves after a busy day. As slot games become more advanced and their graphics and bonus features become more appealing, slots constantly grow in popularity.

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