Top 10 Anti-Patterns in Web Development to Stay Away From

The process of creating an architecture of a website or an application, or even establishing an effective workflow, involves facing with recurring difficulties. Naturally, developers do not have to look for a solution to a particular problem every time it arises since most of the well-known solutions can be reused and adjusted for a whole bunch of problems. Generally, design patterns are multi-functional solutions that can be 웹하드 applied to a wide range of scenarios. These patterns help solve the problems that commonly occur and optimize the code. And while design patterns are created to improve the process of development by utilizing specially allotted formulas, in some cases, everything goes wrong despite all the efforts of developers. Then they are called anti-patterns.

For the first time, this term was mentioned in the book of the same name released in 1998. It refers to common solutions that were initially designed to be useful; however, in fact, they do more harm than good.

These patterns can turn out to be harmful for several reasons. For instance, if the developer applies the pattern in the wrong context or time (patterns that were effective previously, may not work today), or the whole paradigm is not efficient at all. Also, anti-patterns are called patterns of failure. However, any developer can recognize and stay away from these patterns of failure. In this article, we present an overview of ten common web development anti-patterns that can mislead you that you have a well-optimized code.



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