For Guys Who Want Great Looking Skin – You Should Be Using the Best Skin Care For Men

There is no reason why men should not treat their skin with top natural skin care products the same as women. We men need to move away from the idea that its our feminine side coming out and start realising that the collagen and keratin that makes up a women skin also makes up ours.

Choosing top natural skin care products especially designed for men is the basic first step. Although made from that same basic ingredients, men’s and women’s skin reacts slightly differently to the ageing process  텐가 and contains different amounts of collagen and keratin. In fact men’s skin is slightly thicker. This mean that we take longer to show the signs of ageing but when it starts it takes no prisoners! Wrinkles appear quickly and they dig deep.

By using one of the top natural skin care products for men we can delay the decline and slow the wrinkles but we have to pick the correct products. There are so many skin care for men products claiming to turn back the years with added collagen that it is easy to get confused. Let’s stop the confusion and cut to the chase. These products don’t work.

Here’s the science bit. Collagen is a long chain molecule made naturally by cells. It provides strength and elasticity to skin amongst other things. Collagen degrades as we age and this is what causes sagging jowls and deep wrinkles. Collagen is too big to be absorbed by the skin and synthetic collagen is not recognised by the cells. Seems like a hopeless case. Here is the answer.


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